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By | Mei 12, 2023
24 JAM PUASA FT. JESS NO LIMIT! PART 1 YouTube from www.youtube.com

Keywords: 24 jam puasa, Jess No Limit, part 1, live streaming, gaming, challenges, charity, Indonesia, Ramadan, entertainment, online community. 24 Jam Puasa ft Jess No Limit Part 1: A Unique Gaming Experience for Charity Ramadan is a month of spiritual reflection, self-improvement, and heightened devotion for Muslims around the world. In Indonesia, it is also a time of communal solidarity, family gatherings, and culinary delights. But Ramadan is not just about food and socializing; it is also about giving back to the less fortunate and practicing empathy and compassion. That’s why many Indonesians engage in various forms of charity during Ramadan, from donating money to volunteering at shelters and hospitals. One of the most recent and innovative forms of charity in Indonesia is the 24 Jam Puasa (24-Hour Fasting) event, which combines fasting with gaming and challenges. The event was initiated by a group of online gamers and content creators who wanted to use their influence and passion for gaming to raise awareness and funds for various social causes. The first edition of 24 Jam Puasa took place in 2019 and featured popular YouTubers and streamers such as Jess No Limit, Miawaug, and Reza Oktovian. In 2023, the 24 Jam Puasa event returns with a bang, featuring more than 50 online celebrities from Indonesia and beyond, including the legendary Jess No Limit. The event will be live-streamed on various platforms, such as YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook, allowing millions of viewers to participate and interact with the gamers. The main goal of the event is to raise money for several charities, such as education, health, and poverty alleviation programs. Jess No Limit is one of the most famous and influential online gamers in Indonesia, with more than 20 million subscribers on YouTube and millions of followers on other social media platforms. He is known for his expert gaming skills, engaging personality, and philanthropic spirit. Jess has been involved in many charity events and initiatives, such as building schools, providing scholarships, and supporting cancer patients. In the 24 Jam Puasa event, Jess and the other gamers will face various challenges and missions that require them to use their skills, creativity, and teamwork. For example, they may have to complete a certain level of a game within a specific time limit, solve a puzzle, or perform a physical task. The catch is that they have to do all of this while fasting for 24 hours, which adds an extra layer of difficulty and discipline. The event is not just about gaming and challenges; it is also about entertainment and community building. The viewers can watch the live stream and donate money to the charities, as well as participate in various interactive activities, such as polls, quizzes, and giveaways. The event also features guest appearances by celebrities from different fields, such as music, sports, and comedy. The 24 Jam Puasa event is a testament to the creativity, generosity, and resilience of the online community in Indonesia. Despite the challenges and uncertainties of the pandemic, the event organizers and participants have managed to continue their mission of making a positive impact on society. By combining fasting, gaming, and charity, they have created a unique and inspiring platform for social change and cultural exchange. If you want to join the 24 Jam Puasa event and support the charities, you can visit their official website or social media pages for more information. You can also spread the word and encourage your friends and family to participate and donate. Ramadan is not just a time for personal reflection and spiritual growth; it is also a time for collective action and social justice. Let’s make this Ramadan and every Ramadan a time for giving and sharing.